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It all started with a small shoe store owned by Mr. Jorge Gibram that, among many other products, sold boots, aimed at the military of EsSA (Sergeants of Arms School). It was through this commercialization that the need to open a repair shop arose. In this workshop, a prototype of the boots was made, a fact that excited the owner and encouraged him to make some pairs, thus starting the artisanal manufacture and, later, in a series of military boots that came to have the brand “PALMILHADO BOOTS”.

The quality and technology acquired by Mr. Jorge from the beginning are currently maintained and guaranteed by the company PALMILHADO BOOTS, managed by his son and grandchildren, footwear technicians and production specialists.

The company works with different outsoles, according to the needs of each client, such as: PU BIDENSITY, BICOMPONENT (p.u and rubber), BICOMPONENT (rubber and EVA) TRICOMPONENT, RUBBER, among others.

Most of its shoes have the C.A (Certificate of Approval) issued by the Ministry of Labor, with technical reports approved by IPT, IBTEC, SENAI, CTCCA, among others, striving for quality and comfort. Its products and equipment are of high technology, making the customer always satisfied.

Palmilhado Boots, which is consolidated as one of the largest military footwear companies in the country, is a supplier, without restrictions, to the Armed Forces, Military and Civil Police, Fire Department and other public bodies. And it is due to having customers of such a high degree of demand that it is not possible to reduce the quality of the product and service.

Finally, Palmilhado Boots reiterates its commitment to treating in an isonomic form the three pillars of a developed company, namely: supplier, customer and employee. the success of the company that has been operating in the Brazilian market for more than 20 years.


The arduous task of developing, producing and commercialize shoes with a high standard of quality, safety, through creative, technological solutions to always offer shoes with quality and price


To be among the best footwear manufacturers, choosing the South of Minas gerais state region with excellence in the manufacture and commercialization of its products, with quality, technology, safety, comfort, price


The primacy of maintaining ethics, and transparency with customers, staff, partners and suppliers, thus providing internal and external customer satisfaction.

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